Three Horror fiction Novellas in 'Comorbidities' Now Available

Comorbidities from author Jim Harberson released on June 1, 2022 (

Publisher: Markosia Enterprises Ltd. (

Length: 290 pages

Genres: Horror, weird/speculative fiction

Release Date: June 1, 2022

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Comorbidities comprises three novellas about irregular topics, including weaponized cats, serial-killer reincarnation, celebrity-grave robbery, mass murder, sociopathic spiritual gurus, ghost psychotherapy, military misbehavior, and more mass murder.

Cat Problem: A spunky cheerleader must rescue her not-so-secret secret crush from an epidemic of weaponized cats attacking their Colorado hometown.

Ghost Problems: A Hollywood spiritualist falls for an actress whose new reality show is stalked by a reincarnated serial killer.

Lost and Found: A Hollywood super agent enlists a celebrity-grave robber and a two-fisted cult deprogrammer to rescue a troubled starlet from a flim-flamming spiritual guru.

About The Author:

Jim Harberson loves weird stuff. He wrote A Disgusting Supermarket of Death (Markosia 2020), a short-story collection, and co-wrote Stay Alive (Markosia 2021), a graphic novel. Both were nominated for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award. His short story, “Daddy Issues,” appears Volume 1 of Chilling Tales for Dark Nights: 30 Tales of Terror (2021). The Simply Scary Podcast produced his audio drama, “Making Things Click,” in 2018. He lives in upstate New York.

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