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'The Long Dark Trail' coming to DVD and Blu-ray

The Long Dark Trail, releasing on DVD and Blu-ray on February 21st, is an independent horror film shot in the forests of northwestern Pennsylvania. It was inspired by indie teen graphic novels (such as Preacher and Hellblazer) and gritty horror films of the ‘70s (Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes).

Writer/director Kevin Ignatius and writer/director/star Nick Psinakis weave a tale about two brothers who fight and escape an abusive father. Hoping to find and reunite with their estranged mother, they embark on a dangerous trek deep into the unforgiving forest of the Pennsylvania Northwest. Both are unaware that their mother may be as dangerous as the abusive parent they left, as she has become a disciple of a deeply sadistic cult that resides deep in the nightmarish forest.

IMDb calls the film “something every independent horror movie fan should check out.” Drawing comparisons to Stand By Me, The Witch, and Midsommar, The Long Dark Trail combines indie horror with dark drama. The film has played as an Official Selection at Weekend of Fear Film Festival, IFI Horrorthon, Blood Window Film Festival, and Be Afraid Horror Fest! Starring Psinakis, Trina Campbell, Brady O'Donnell, Carter O'Donnell, and Michael Thyer.

The Blu-Ray edition come packed with special features, including A Slide Show, Extra Movie Trailers & more!


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