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The Power (2021) review

By Autumn Whipple,,

THE POWER (on VOD, Digital HD and DVD on September 21, 2021), is set in London, 1974, as Britain prepares for electrical blackouts to sweep across the country. Trainee nurse Val arrives for her first day at the crumbling East London Royal Infirmary. With most of the patients and staff evacuated to another hospital, Val must work the night shift in the empty building. Within these walls lies a deadly secret, forcing Val to face her own traumatic past in order to confront the malevolent power that’s intent on destroying everything around her.

“The Power,” is a powerful little psychological horror film that’s particularly focused on sexual transgressions followed by broad abuse of power at a London hospital. I'm a fan of period pieces and “The Power” is set in 1974, as an opening title card describes:

“Trade unions and the government are at war. The economy is in crisis. Blackouts have been ordered to conserve power, plunging the nation into darkness every night.”

“The Power” is a possession flick infused with a feminist commentary complete with disbelieving co-workers, and a scared pre-teen who attempts and misses the mark at warning everybody about the perils that lurk in the infirmary. Most of the elements on this formulaic inventory are utilized here, but aren't unexpected.

If you like hospital period pieces with paranormal and social commentary still relevant in modern times (just in different degrees), give this one a shot.

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