Teaser trailer for 'AREA 5150' releases A teaser trailer for quirky alien romp AREA 5150 has released. Check it out below the synopsis, and remember, aliens, do exist...

Synopsis: Sam Miller, a quirky, funny UFO fanboy, wants to take his Sci-fi Sam podcast to the next level by shooting exclusive video at the border of Area 51, the legendary top-secret military base. It’s supposed to be a fun little road trip with his beautiful girlfriend Ashley, his slick friend Kid and Azuza, a crazy hot hitchhiker they picked up along the way…

Everything changes once they hit the secluded desert surrounding the base - they’ve just wandered into a private hunting ground of a twisted desert family and now they’re gonna have some fun! Sam and his friends descend into a bizarre world of torture, cannibalism and madness at the hands of brothers Doug and Ronnie, their badly mutated sister Ruby Rose, homicidal shut-in Timmy and Big Daddy, an ex-Psyops officer with an axe to grind. (Literally.) Their only hope is to escape, which leads them deeper into the base where the true purpose of Area 51 is revealed – but at a wicked price…

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