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REED'S POINT coming to Digital and DVD, Official Trailer Releases,

REED'S POINT (releasing April 12th on digital and DVD) is psychological-thriller/creature-feature that tells of Sarah and Alex, two survivors of an RV crash near the New Jersey Pine Barrens. On the anniversary of the accident, Sarah and Alex drive to Reed’s Point to investigate the crash site. Things go downhill quickly as they find themselves stuck in the woods unsure of who they can trust and questioning if monsters really do exist.

Written by Tricia Aurand, Suzanne DeLaurentiis and Sandy Lo, and directed by Dale Fabrigar (D-Railed), Reed’s Point stars Sasha Anne, Julia Kelly, Evan Adams, Madison Ekstrand, Anthony Jensen, Joseph Almani, Lanett Tachel, and veteran actor Joe Estevez (Soultaker, No Code of Conduct).

Official Trailer:

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